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The Feminine Conscious

23.08.2019 - 7.14 p.m

In an industry filled with unhealthy distortions upon the definition of real art and music it is heartening to find lone voices still building upon the essence of what true musicality really means. Luedji Luna.  Somi and Malou Beauvoir are three such giants in the industry.

'The Feminine Conscious'  will chronicle on a monthly basis female artists that focus our attention in a wholesome way upon art that does not require compromising the self to be authentic




Fusing Afro-Brazilian rhythms with jazz, R&B and MPB [a musical genre that was created in Brazil in the 1960's, blending Bossa Nova with Brazilian Folklore] Luedji Luna on her debut album: UN CORPO DO MUNDO [A body in the world]  epitomises a new class of royalty in music. 


Injecting Africa's diverse culture into the bones of her work and bringing light to the social injustices in Brazil with eloquent and infectious tones. 


A must have album for those seeking music with a smorgasbord of depth



With an undergraduate degree in anthropology and African studies and a masters degree in performance studies Laura Kabasomi Kakoma, better known  as Somi has been dubbed rightly by many as the new Nina Simone. 


An accolade immediately distinguishable by her unique style of syncopation vocally and her effortless melodic jazz flow which is heard on her 2009 album 'If The Rains Come First'


Across the depth and breadth of her work musically Somi chooses to celebrate the ancestral storytellers with songs speaking of rituals, love and traditions that shape us all



Mixing musical flavours from her Haitian roots with World Music. Singer/songwriter Malou Beauvoir stands out as an artist dedicated to the 'authentic' history of what it really means to imbue a sense of 'oneness' spiritually within her music.


Using Jazz, Hip Hop and  her Haitian Vaidou culture to explore human idiosyncrasies Malou's passion for uplifting the human spirit is clear on her Latest album. 'Spirtwalker' which addresses the 'politics of being' in a divided world and the substance that creates unity against oppression globally.


It is an album that speaks volumes about her versatility as an artist with the capacity to work across many musical genres and an album that those wanting a splash of true musical diversity in their collection should put on the 'must have' list

Dentro Ali - Luedji Luna
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