Poetry that ADJOURNS the breath long enough for you to know you need it to breathe before taking you on an African Summer journey of words

 Metaphysical-Spiritual-Lyrical-Political Poetry

syandene~jahia poetry

Heart-centred poetry that lingers in the untapped corners of your mind long after the sun has set

It is a selfless yet reflective journey a poet takes when charged with the creative epiphany of committing timeless mental allegories to paper. Of scoring with fledgling thoughts those oral traditions that call us to energize every abstract sinewflexed to shape emotions and build definitive bridges we can all cross.  It is the conducive pact between the listener and the ear and a moment in time for a split second when we are all bound by the emotive word.

So I breathe poetry with a critical thinker's abstract bent. Words flow with a syncopated beat with stanzas' that are lyrical and sentient in content, yet rich with life's romantic metaphors on how we climb higher, analyse deeper and love unconditionally


In my poetry you will experience suns' setting. The touch of emotional landscapes enveloping and love in its most elevated phase. In short. It is poetry that moves through the seasons with a metaphysical, lyrical, political and romantic edge

Let Me In Your Heart - Sy4ndene~Jahia
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