Songwriter. Musician. Composer. Poet

 I have always considered myself to be primarily a lyricist and a writer of songs.  Had always written for others and offered up my vocals for a range of projects including freelancing for fellow musicians and lyricists.  Never did I think when I started penning songs at the age of nine that I would one day be crafting a meditative mosaic of work that would mirror my journey as a  spiritual creative.

Steeped in and shaped by my fathers love of creatively eclectic minds I was allowed free reign to flick through and play records from a rich and diverse collection, which included musical virtuoso's such as Taj Mahal. Studio One Sounds. Fats Domino and the ultimate showman Mr Roy Shirley.

Through my musical walk I quickly settled into an artistic mode of thought that would carry with it all of the sentient interfusions required to create so my route to this place producing my first debut album has been tempered with gratitude for walking a curved line pinned with.  Real people.  Writers.  Poets.  Activists and Truth Seekers.

All pulling back the curtain on our human imperfections.  Energizing their right to fill cosmic space with organic words, melodies and healing intonations for a brighter tomorrow.  I have honed my skill set through these passionate individuals seeking marked change in our world all of which has helped me to produce an album covering a myriad of themes on love and hope.



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