Dumbed Down Art


The reality that music has always been used as a tool to reflect elitist ideology and hidden agendas in some subjugative socio-economic format, is a tried and tested historical phenomena not lost on those in the industry who daily challenge an increasingly muted art form.

So, when after digging a little deeper I came across You Tube's most outspoken activist, media expert and documentary film maker. Dr Leonard G. Horowitz. His exploratory musings upon the foundation of music and his revelatory expose on the abrasive machinations affixed to this pure art form, laid out eloquently in his discovery of the " Perfect Circle Of Sound" [The nine core creative frequencies commonly known to affect our lives] and his equally revolutionary publication ' The Book Of 528: Prosperity Key Of Love. I felt compelled as a musician and writer to share what I had unravelled about the manipulated music we listen to.

In one way or another, we are all influenced mentally and emotionally by the sounds we are exposed to on a daily basis; even subliminal sounds, but how we appropriate the effect of these sounds upon our lives in shaping how we think, feel and behave globally is the crux of my argument. Long gone are the days when musicians; out of a necessity, economically and spiritually; to live. Penned musical biographies bound up in abstract lives coloured by love's heartache, political affiliation and 'Good Grooves' for 'Good Times'

Today, every note and every single inflection of tone within the music we gravitate towards has been constructed by the pervasive mechanics of modern day technology within the world around us, with the specific aim of controlling who we are and what we might become daily and farfetched it might seem but when we take a closer look at the technology governing this pernicious principle we begin to understand just how explosive this whole scenario is.

Retrospectively, there are an informed few that are knowledgeable about the deeper implications of these pervasive mechanics as the majority are happy to immerse themselves daily without questioning or in any way challenging this phenomena. So after following the exploratory trail Dr Horowitz had initiated I gleaned a greater understanding of how the music we listen to, on a daily basis; good, bad or indifferent is used to sway our personalities dependant on who, why and what we listen to musically.

So here's the science condensed as it would require many more pages to complete in depth the whole equation. Every piece of music created uses a mathematical frequency picked up by the Alpha Waves in our brains, these frequencies vary in their capacity to change our moods dependent on the codes used and mathematical values assigned to these codes, a little bit like the principle and dynamics of a throttle in a car enabling the car to pick up speed thus allowing the car to function in a specific way. So the forceful conditioning of these frequencies determine how we are affected emotionally and spiritually.

Especially when it has been proven scientifically by the likes of Dr Horowitz and Science Daily Researchers that the A440 frequency used by all musicians to create music is a frequency that suppresses the free flow of positive energy throughout the body particularly the heart and throat chakras. In direct contrast to this, the 'miracle tone frequency' of 528 [called the frequency of love] enables a more altruistic representation of music elevated to its highest form, allowing the listener to be a part of a more authentic creation musically, though this frequency is never used in the music industry

The point I'm making is this. Next time you listen to a piece of music, take note, how are you affected by what you hear and what are the subliminal messages telling you because of the distortions in particular frequencies? If we question the choices we make hopefully we wake up to becoming more informed about what we ingest musically, hopefully we become more informed about just which artists deserve our hard earned money lavished on them, and hopefully become wizened to an estranged music industry looking to divorce us from our higher selves creatively and always do your research because this is what will help you distinguish the organic from the 'dumbed down art'

Sy4ndene~ Jahia

© Copyright Nubian Souled Poetess 2019