I used to think that as an artist I     could only capture a moment but     now I believe I can capture reality



To the imaginative laying in the vividness of their last snapshot. The gatherers that like to weave their own unique tapestries into sepia hues, and those that capture crimson horizon's before they break, let this page be your canvas to paint your story and share your work

Whatever your artistic genre please feel free to share your artwork on this page by using the websites contact form to request your tree top window view space on this page.

Mario Gerth

Mario Gerth is a well respected German documentary photographer and photojournalist  who has traveled the length and breadth of Africa capturing the beauty, natural elan and raw originality of its people .


He has presented over his 50 months of travel throughout this mesmarizing continent a picture of a peoples' eloquent, graceful and dignified in their synchronicity with nature and a higher way of being

Below is a brief pictorial resume of his work capturing the diversity of the various tribes dominating the African continent

Mario Gerth African portraits
Mario Gerth African portraits
African Tribesman
A tribesman of the Omo Delta in Ethiopia


Dazzlejam describes himself as a 'Classic Imagination photographer' based in Kampala, Uganda. His photography  over the years has captured the mysticism, creativity  and resilience of the peoples and moments he has immersed himself in.

His work spans many genres including fashion, documentaries and lifestyle. Travel, design, food and weddings and with a keen eye for that which captivates on a deeper level his eye catching images leave the viewer awestruck and always wanting to see more of his emotive imagery

@facebookpages-dazzle jam photography



Angele Etoundi Essamba is a Cameroonian photographer, educated in France and graduating from the Photo Academy Of Amsterdam.  She is one of the most acclaimed African woman photographers today of her generation and her idealistic yet very aesthetic eye add profound flair to her work.

Constantly striving to break stereotypes around her subject matter.  Her clear but concise photographic contrasts between the feminine strengths of her subjects, set against black and white backdrops, establishes her uniqueness in her field of work amongst her contemporaries.

With a plethora of exhibitions globally. Her first beginning in 1985 to the present. Angele has established herself as one of the leading icons in the world of African female photography and continues to break barriers and boundaries with her breathtaking images.



Essama Art Image

 In one of her many interviews. Angele Etoundi Essamaba speaks to Tonalites de Femme on the essence of her work and the inspirations that drive her to capture such breathtaking imagery.


I do not own copyrights to any of the material below. No infringement is intended on my part and all credits go to Tonalites De Femme who recorded this interview.


The placing of this video on this page is purely for educational and entertainment purposes.aragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Along my recent travels I have been blessed enough to have stumbled upon imagery I found quite impressive.  Below is a sample of those images.  For the unknown artists that in a selfless moment of sharing, leave their creative expressions for the world to see.  I am truly thankful. 


The images below are a tiny snapshot of the visual metaphors on life designed amidst the hustle and bustle of it all and a true testament to art's capacity to move us all to share common themes on life

Intermixed you will also find my own contributions 


Decorative Earth 1
Nature's colourful flora and fauna found on a forest walk

Decorative Earth 2
Natures's colourful flora and fauna found on a forest walk

Decorative Earth 3
Nature's colourful flora and fauna found on a forest walk

Tree-Trunk Stretch
What it would look like if a tree trunk were to have an early morning stretch. Shot captured in a protected nature reserve
Rock Man
A beach front sculpture in Praia Da Aguda. Portugal. Captured by-Sy4ndene
Bob Marley
A stunning mural of Bob Marley located in Galamares. Portugal.

House Of Graffiti
Amazing Urban artwork lining the outside of a disused house. Praia Da Aguda. Portugal

Love On-Off
An ingenious take on love, spotted on a town centre wall. Sintra. Portugal

Building The Mist
A strange cloud-like formation enveloping a London building at 1 pm in the afternoon

Artist-A Herranz
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