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I have always believed that stories are the internal monologues relayed in song, prayer, faith and beliefs by those around us inhabiting our world with love and good intention.


Earth-Root Shorts are a reflection of all the positive vibrations we attract to ourselves when we allow love in its many and varied forms to find us and tell our stories

Meander with me through colourful characters.  Energetic scenarios. Questioning hearts and unexpected outcomes.


Taking a moment in your day to switch off; realign yourself and take yourself to everywhere and nowhere in the stillness and the magic of the moment with stories about love and hope.


8.02 p.m and sunset clothes two silent figures against the backdrop of a mango orange sky as Fumnanya asks

" Do you believe love can be a quantum jump away?"


Please check back regularly for the latest stories
Girl basking in the sunlight
Fumnanya Pt1
All on the In-Breath

Driven, intelligent and a creature of habit. Fumnanya strives for entrepreneurial success until an emotional curve ball sends her world into a tailspin

Fumnanya Pt2
The Boyfriend

There's a space for everyone but not everyone can fill a space. As entrepreneurial success takes Fumnanya to new heights she finds herself questioning a new love in her world

Meditation In the Stillness
Organic Space

Trying to find a peace from within that will allow her to conquer her fears about her poor body image, put her demons to rest and honour the promise she made to her mother.

Sha'ila embarks upon an over ambitious quest physically and emotionally to turn her life around. Find emotional security and silence her bullies' once and for all

Cycle pathway with bike leant up against tree
Along The Way

When Radiya sets out that morning to kick start a new chapter in her world, getting lost. Having to ask for directions and familiar dialogue with a complete stranger makes her review her journey, her mother's liberating stories and her hunger to re-acquaint herself with the new more reflective Radiya

Her - Artesia
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