I stand upon the shoulders of the Brothers named. King

King-A brother who embraces the principles of Ma'at. Ubuntu and the building of community

This page is dedicated to all the brothers who are Kings' in this world. It is a place where the meeting of higher minds. Positivity and bridge building towards a greater overstanding of who they really are , devoid of adulterated ignorance globally can take place.  To contribute give feedback or comment. Please use the contact form on this page



Recently a very close friend relayed a story of compromised media apathy regarding his true status as a cognizant, educated, hardworking Brother with morals and values in life.  He shared that the 'climate of fear' in the city of Los Angeles in  which he now resided  was as a direct result of pre-designed socio-political infrastructures devised to alienate him from his higher self to facilitate only one marked outcome.  The suppression of his transcendent Kushite phylogeny as a Brother.  The presidential campaign around Trump and its outcome had created much fear and tension amongst  the politically saturated inhabitants of the city and my friend  now seemed to be bearing the ferocious brunt of this palpable discordance. 

 "It doesn't matter' He continued "that I chose this geographical locality out of a necessity to prove myself in a politically and socially charged environment that I wasn't fully aware of until I came here because striving to be a success, making sacrifices for my dreams to become a reality, wanting to build a vehicle that would promote multiple and viable opportunities for  Brothers who believed that their journey could be just as inspirational to youngsters coming up to believe that they too could be successful wasn't easy. But it was what was uppermost in my mind when I decided to take that leap of faith because I wanted people to see that it was less about the stereotypes underpinning my existence as a Brother and more about the spiritual and educational principles I embody as a King.


 "Principles passed down to me by my parents who understood what Kushite Phylogeny represented. Uniqueness. Excellence. Community. Continuity. The semblance of all of these things and more within our higher selves' as a peoples is what kept me stable and hopeful at a time when I didn't really have much to be hopeful or happy about. This Sy is who I am, why I made so many sacrifices, why today I have two successful holistic clinics with a healthy financial forecast for a good few years to come and hope for continued success.  I take pride in being a role model for others to follow because honestly. I came here with only  hopes and dreams to carry me but with a deep belief that my talents and trust in the 'Most High' would see me through. And. Yes. It took a long time to get to this point but I never lost sight of the legacy that was left for me by ancestors, my parents and my community.  That of pushing to be the best you can be in everything you do. Regardless of the adverse climate you may find yourself in.















 He continued to share. " But here's what I discovered.  What I discovered was that when you choose to be a King. You have to also be prepared to understand the phenomena of sociological implosion that creates the mindset where disdain for my dark skin as a Brother accommodates way more vicious dialogue upon my presence in this environment than the chronicling of my everyday battles to get to this point in my life. You have to understand that hate is a commodity that ignorance barters with and more importantly you have to understand that as a Brother your best, will never ever be the best for this system we live in. But  I chose this journey, because it's the journey of my ancestors rich with documentation of a system built to be all inclusive. That. Is what I originally came from.  An amazing legacy left by my Kushite-Kemetic ancestors which has given me so much that I need to strive for in terms of fortifying principles my parents handed down. Principles that make me want to treat people respectfully, honour my journey and treat the women around me with respect and love. You know? "

 I nodded slowly as he proffered; almost as a closing argument " Now, in the light of what's happening socio-politically in this present climate, when I walk down the street.  I see non-black people crossing over.  I'm clean.  Well presented.  Professional in appearance but I see non-black women clutching their handbags.  'Looking for an escape route' locked into their expressions.  Anxious stares and warning glares blown up to 'level Ridiculous.'  And a real sense of 'any minute now, he's gonna come for me' "




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 I admitted. I could not possibly overstand this type and intense level of censuring upon his Kushite phylogeny. I, metaphysically and biologically was the other half of the equation.  One half of the calculated trauma pinned to our ancestral lifeblood and our history/herstory. One half of the solution to the societal ills that still plague us in our communities but also guilty of being one half of the sometimes, trauma-based existence that had had me misunderstanding his plight fully as a Brother  in this charged environment before I became fully enlightened.  I countered thoughtfully.


" I totally hear that Sy because all I'm asking for, is to be understood."  He went on. "Not to be a poster boy for a supposedly disenfranchised community in which I represent only what is base and undeveloped. Sis, when I leave my house every morning I leave with hope and pride sitting in my chest because I carry myself as a king regardless of how I'm portrayed in the media. I work to change perceptions because if I don't my kids will grow up seeing negative imagery that doesn't address who I am in all my glory as a king." 


 I smiled and embraced him "I appreciate the share my King" He returned the smile as if to put a permanent seal on the nullifying parts of our conversation. "Continue to be strong. You're a success just by defining yourself as a King and living out what that means. I don't have a magic wand and even if I did I doubt that I would use it as a tool to change egocentric mindsets concretized by ignorance on your magnitude as a King because as a Queen, that is my job.  To praise your worth. Work to overstand you. Enable our healing. But most of all. I am a part of the solution in loving you back into true relevance."


My conversation with my friend seemed, succinct, fleeting. Floated off quickly into the great ether  as speedily as it had begun and  I started my journey home.  It was then I  realized that it was  succinct  because it was a snapshot of his world.  He had experienced something books of fiction, social media and the educational system fail to capture. The fact that our Brothers' are human with all of the insecurities that plague us all. I realized that he had by- passed the fluff to get straight to the point because he was living  through the disdain for his  aspirations as a King. Living through the hatred for his physical omnipresence and was passionate about striving to create change not just for himself but for the betterment of humanity, and then I felt unjustifiable guilt for writing this introduction that maybe wasn't quite as politically correct in subject matter as it should be.


​ I stepped away from the intro for a few hours and allowed my mind to wander onto less charged issues returning to the piece some hours later and this time minus the paranoia. Hatred, in any form, regardless of where in the globe it is, is a pervasive cancer eating into the soft tissue of our real worth as human beings. Making the distinction between good character and physical appearance will always be an issue for Brothers' living in this image based society  though the onus must be upon us all to pay due diligence and respect to the brothers' that are creating real change in our societies. 


​ I scanned the words in my notebook one final time that I had jotted down as I sat at the bus stop waiting for my bus and my attention was drawn to his statement, 'Hate is a commodity that ignorance barters with'.  I took a deep breath in, focused on his words as if trying to  release the dull ache of sadness from my mind for his plight . I could not help but think that the solution to this phenomena lay not outside of us but within us, for when we all choose to embrace each other with love instead of hate, the wheels of change truly start to turn.


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Andrew Mwenda- Tv and Radio Journalist

Andrew Mwenda is a print, radio and television journalist, and an active critic of many forms of Western aid to Africa. Too much of the aid from rich nations, he says, goes to the worst African countries to fuel war and government abuse. Such money not only ,  never gets to its intended recipients, Africa's truly needy  -- It actively plays a part in making their lives worse.

Mwenda worked at the Daily Monitor newspaper in Kampala starting in the mid-1990s and hosted a radio show, 'Andrew Mwenda Live', since 2001; in 2005, he was charged with sedition by the Ugandan government for criticizing the president of Uganda on his radio show, in the wake of the helicopter crash that killed the vice president of Sudan.

He has produced documentaries and commentary for the BBC on the dangers of aid and debt relief to Africa, and consulted for the Wold Bank and Transparency International, and was a night fellow at Stanford in 2007. He has also written for international news media Der Spiegel, The International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and Foreign Policy.

He has also produced documentaries for BBC World Television and Radio. In December 2007, he launched The Independent in Kampala. Mwenda has also authored and co-authored articles for international academic journals like Africa Affairs, The Journal Of Modern African Studies. The Review Of African Political Economy, The Journal Of Commonwealth Studies, The Journal For Contemporary African Studies and The Journal Of Democracy




Brandon Carter- Nike and Puma Model

Brandon Carter is a leading fitness instructor, nutritionist and lifestyle coach. As well as being a former Music Producer and Recording Artist and fitness model for Nike. Puma. Reebok and Jordan.


He has trained numerous athletes and models as well as thousands of people online. With an aspiring message of hard work and never giving up, Brandon Carter has helped numerous people achieve their fitness goals.






Chris Gardner. Rags-To-Riches Story

Born in Wisconsin in 1954, Chris Gardner has gone through some tough times. He was at one time homeless while raising his son. But today he is a successful entrepreneur, author, film producer, philanthropist and motivational speaker.

His story is a real rags-to-riches story, separated from his mother when young, by a violent and abusive stepfather and brought up in several foster homes, told in his memoir, The Pursuit Of Happyness, which was later made into a movie. His Net worth as of July 2016 is $64 million.

For his Humanitarian Work he is associated with ' The Glide Memorial United Methodist Church' and 'National Fatherhood Initiative ' He has also been awarded ' Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work-Biography/ Auto-Biography'






born in 1982 Dwain Reid is a British business mentor and business management graduate focused on mentoring young entrepreneurs find success in their businesses.

While he is an accomplished black entrepreneur himself, he realized that his best role is as a mentor. Today. he has provided business workshops to thousands of young people and currently runs an entrepreneurship at Kingston Univeristy




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