If words be the food. Spoken word be the love.

The tongue be the pen. 

Then its time to ascend




When I first tentatively started to pen poems with a Haiku-diary type questioning. It was with a revisionist tongue, a critical mind and a hunger to present words on paper that spoke of the perniciousness of the times we live in and the healing love I had experienced that occupied the spaces in-between.


They were not words unusual in context or content but then I had had no comparative influences.  I had not floated into the lyrical arenas' inhabited by the God-like literary status of Amiri Baraka.  Ursula Rucker. Grace Nichols or Mutabaruka. I had not established volumes of work.  I had no concrete literary goals set out in stone


I was writing simply because my Griot Soul, wrapped in a dark-skinned female body had travelled up from the marrow of my expressive centre poetically following pen onto paper in a way too potent for me to ignore


By reason of the fact that I had penned several pieces in quick succession over a small time frame. I concluded somewhat hesitantly that I was now. A writer. The fleeting announcement was gone before I could catch it to converse with its ethereal energy. Though somehow I knew I was in this place for the long haul.


Then the synergistic force that swept me up into my second phase happened and I discovered the genius of John Coltrane. Randy Weston. Charles Mingus and Cecil Taylor. Discovered the dissonant chords, jarring to most, resonating with my abstract offerings.


Knew that I was now an Afrocentric child of the universe elucidating upon the idiosyncrasies of the journeys we all take to return  to the over-standing of the [eye within] and a lover of words philosophical and insoluble.


In short, aesthetically, I was now grown. Cut my poetical teeth against a diverse range of mics' in appropriate spoken word friendly venues from 'London's Poetry Cafe'.  'Blessed Souls Showcase'.  'Eclectic Arts Network Showcase' and 'Da Poetry Lounge' in Los Angeles to name but a few


And so my journey as a Griot Soul has just begun.  I am Syandene Jahia. The Nubian Souled Poetess


A musician. Producer. Singer/Songwriter. Spoken Word artist. Composer. Radio Presenter. Writer and Lyricist.


I have written for 'The Conquering Lion'  'New Visions' and more recently 'Black Bright News'


To listen to clips from my debut album 'Poeticool Sessions' visit www.soundcloud.com/syandene

www.reverbnation.com/syandene~spoken or the 'Syandene Jahia Music' page on this site


To listen to past radio shows titled 'The Nubian Soul Connection' playing a myriad of Neo-Soul. Broken Beat, Jazz offerings and eclectic topics,visit 



To stay connected. Follow me on:






Blessings. Guidance. Love and Light


Sy4ndene Jahia

When you are told you are the adventure. Follow the story

Raet-Tawy the Egyptian Solar Goddess reflecting life


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